Oct 27, 2011

In surprise move, Dos Equis makes bold move into the cloud


There is no way that you could have missed the myriad of the “Most Interesting Man In the World” commercials run by Dos Equis (XX) brand of beer. You know the ones: His charm is so contagious that vaccines have been created for it. Every time I see one of those commercials, I crack up. They are funny. However, who wouldn’t want to be that guy? He’s James Bond mixed with Johnny Depp. He’s got it all.

The amazing thing about the commercials is that they support a brand that was venerable but growing modestly in the US. Since launching the campaign, sales have increased as much as 32% in a single year.

I think that Internap should be the “Most Interesting Company in the World.” Like the man in the commercials, we have it all. With the recent launch of our OpenStack-based Open Public Cloud and our VMware-based Custom Public Cloud, we now have the most comprehensive lineup of IT platforms anywhere. We can support colocation, managed hosting, private cloud and public cloud. We even give flexible choices within our private and public clouds. No one else can match that flexibility.

The flexibility is useful both today and tomorrow. Today, businesses can offload their entire application portfolio to one IT Infrastructure provider – Internap. No matter what platform your app needs, we have it. Moreover, if you want to optimize your app for cost and performance, go ahead – hybridize. Don’t be bound by a single deployment platform.

For tomorrow, Internap can accommodate your needs as you grow. Not ready for public cloud? No worries. It will be there for you when you want it. Not at a scale that you need colocation? Someday you might be, and we’ll be waiting with premium data center space for you.

Like Dos Equis, Internap has been around for a while. We were founded in 1996 and have continued to serve over 2700 enterprise customers. However, now that we are the “Most Interesting Company in the World,” I am ready for that sales boost that comes from “having it all.”

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