May 29, 2013

Industry news: colocation, cloud and managed hosting services create strategic IT opportunities

Ansley Kilgore

What are the latest cloud-related trends in the information technology space? The impact of cloud computing on the IT industry has changed the way that CIOs and IT leaders think about business operations.

With so much information available on the topic, here are four articles that provide a glimpse into the current industry trends for cloud hosting services, colocation and managed hosting.

Gartner: Cloud computing makes IT strategically valuable
The rise of cloud computing has created opportunities for IT to become more strategically valuable to the organization. Businesses that depend heavily on the cloud become more reliant on IT to provide oversight and governance for their cloud strategies.

Colocation, managed and cloud hosting can pay off as companies focus on IT
The prevalence of cloud computing and virtualization have pushed IT leaders into a more strategic role, but these technologies have also put more stress on the network. As web systems and data protection become business-critical, IT and business leaders have an opportunity to benefit from colocation, managed hosting and cloud hosting services.

Cloud hosting offers scalability and cost efficiency that can be tough to match
Scalability is a major challenge for companies maintaining websites. The ability to scale up and down based on demand creates an environment in which organizations never waste money. Cloud hosting offers the ability to pay as you go, whereas with traditional hosting solutions, companies pay for resources regardless of usage.

Colocation hosting can help companies handle common data center problems
Colocation hosting gives organizations the freedom to develop scalable, adaptable data center configurations. In the event of a disaster, a third-party facility helps safeguard personnel by providing a backup instance of the data center, making disaster recovery efforts easier and allowing companies to focus on taking care of their employees.

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