Nov 30, 2011

Is it time to consider managed hosting?

Ansley Kilgore

Even though your business challenges are unique – flexibility, low capital costs and many other benefits make managed hosting an attractive solution for small and large businesses alike. Whether you are a new startup just hitting the ground or an established global enterprise, managed hosting can be an excellent fit. Do any of the following situations sound like yours?

  1. As a start-up, you work to stretch every dollar as far as it will go. You’ve invested in a couple servers to handle your growth and are getting by with your limited IT knowledge. However, in the long term, investing in IT Infrastructure isn’t something you want to do. Plus the complexity of the technology continues to advance at light speed. What’s more, you need to focus on developing your product and don’t have the funds to hire a dedicated IT manager.
  2. Business is growing, but technical staff is spread thin with the day-to-day responsibilities involved in managing your company’s IT Infrastructure. The daily burden of infrastructure management is becoming distracting, resources are stretched to a breaking point and your organization’s ability to focus on its core strategic objectives is diminishing.
  3. Your multi-national software company has been using colocation services for years to house its IT Infrastructure. The company has continually invested in its own equipment to maintain a certain level of control, but the costs of a technology upgrade across the entire footprint are getting too expensive to justify. How do you reduce capital expenses and still maintain an advanced infrastructure that is capable of delivering your solution to your customers?

If any of the above scenarios rings a bell – managed hosting may be the perfect solution to solve your business challenges. And, if that’s the case you may find our Managed Hosting Buyer’s Guide eBook useful as it outlines the benefits of a managed hosting solution and can help you decide if you are a good fit for managed hosting, compare the costs of managed hosting vs. doing it yourself, and discover questions to ask a prospective provider.

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