Sep 13, 2011

Is Your Website Being Held Hostage?

Ansley Kilgore

I was recently reading an article on that discusses the impact of performance on e-commerce sites which can ultimately lead to a decrease in conversion rates and increase in abandonment rates. Page loads have always been an issue, but the problem is now further exacerbated by increasingly complex content – videos, social media icons, customer reviews and tags for analytics and advertising. Speaking of social media, according to the article, the Google +1 and Facebook “like” buttons on your website can slow page loads by up to a full second. Whoa!

If it feels like your website is being held hostage, it is! The question is what can you do about it? Website Performance Optimization – aka – WPO. WPO technology can boost performance, enhance visibility, expand your user base and increase revenue. While this article does a great job describing the content optimization techniques you can employ to improve the performance of your website, there are also a few changes you can make on the networking side to dramatically improve website performance. To understand the impacts of poor performance and how WPO can positively impact your bottom line – download this Internap infographic.

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