Apr 17, 2012

IT Infrastructure flexibility key for anytime, anywhere access


IT Infrastructure flexibility key for anytime, anywhere accessAnytime, anywhere access is becoming the standard. According to Forrester Research, nearly 60% of all corporate employees share, access and manage content outside the office – with their laptop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and more. Indications are that number is only going to increase. Just take a look at a recent infographic on working from home. Sixty-six percent of those surveyed about their remote work habits and expectations believe their office will go fully virtual in one to five years.

Implications abound for those in the IT industry. For example, if you manage your company’s internal network, making your IT Infrastructure compatible with the telecommuting revolution may be jumping to the top of your list. Fortunately flexible IT Infrastructure solutions are paving the way to support increased demands for anytime, anywhere access.

In a recent article from Tech Republic, Mark Samuels writes that flexibility is key to keeping pace with an ever-expanding array of employee mobile devices. He quotes David Moloney, principal analyst at Ovum, “Apps are cascading through the organisation in every way, from workflow and testing through to e-commerce and billing. CIOs now have to deal with the interconnectedness of machines. And it means IT leaders are looking for more flexibility and responsiveness in the networks that their businesses use.”

Solutions like cloud, managed hosting, content delivery and the combination of the like are among the tools available in the IT professional’s arsenal that make this flexibility a reality. With the right blend of solutions and a partner that can accommodate each, the possibilities are endless.

Creating a modern mobile strategy? Discover how platform flexibility plays a role by watching our video.

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