Jun 6, 2012

It’s hurricane season – will the wind blow and blow and blow your roof down?


We had unbelievably gorgeous weather this past weekend in Atlanta. Low 80s, low humidity. Very uncharacteristic of June.

But with it being early June, I am reminded this is the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic and until November 30th, there is a much higher propensity for these often devastating storms to hit our coastlines and severely impact inland areas. So why do I mention this?

If you have a disaster recovery plan in place for your business, that is great. But many businesses don’t. Worse yet, of more than 6,000 IT practitioners from 18 countries, only 53 percent of survey respondents felt confident their organizations can recover from a disaster. Should a disaster occur, can your company effortlessly pull together resources necessary for a swift recovery? Some considerations are in my mashup this week:

As I mentioned in a post not so long ago: Ready or not the storm is coming. Are you prepared? Check out our new and expanding data center facilities in Dallas, LA and Atlanta, if you are in the market for a safe, redundant environment for your IT Infrastructure.

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