Aug 25, 2015

NY Metro data center receives LEED Platinum and ENERGY STAR certifications

Ansley Kilgore

As the old adage goes, platinum is a data center’s best friend.

We’re proud to announce that the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has recognized our Secaucus, New Jersey facility as a LEED Platinum data center. In addition, the location was also awarded ENERGY STAR certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These achievements are the latest in a long list of green data center certifications that demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, energy-efficient design. Internap’s Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Santa Clara data centers already have LEED, Green Globes and ENERGY STAR ratings.

Aside from these accolades, let’s take a look at how our green data center strategy benefits our colocation customers.

High-density power

We’ve noticed a strong upward trend in data center power usage among our customer base, particularly since the beginning of 2013. View the Infographic: The rise of high density power

The need for access to additional power is critical for colocation customers that must scale their applications and infrastructure. That’s why we incorporate additional circuits into the design of our data centers. This allows customers to scale in a cost-effective manner without having to invest in a larger colocation footprint.

Learn more: Internap’s NY Metro data center provides 18kW per rack and beyond.


Contrary to what the commodity cloud providers would have you believe, the cloud is not the best option for all workloads. In addition to high-density power considerations, the Secaucus data center was designed with hybridization in mind. The ability to use a combination of colocation and cloud services gives Internap customers a higher degree of flexibility when building a best-fit infrastructure.

At Internap, our customers benefit from our commitment to data center efficiency.
Green data center design is about achieving performance requirements in the most efficient way possible. The Secaucus, New Jersey data center was designed with sustainability in mind, allowing us to provide cost-effective, high-performance infrastructure for our customers.

Learn more: Download the NY Metro data center data sheet.

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