Jun 28, 2012

London takes on IT of Olympic proportions


London takes on IT of Olympic proportionsYesterday, I watched a friend of mine compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials for swimming. I streamed the live webcast and sat through race after race waiting for those 4 minutes and 11 seconds of glory when she would swim the 400 IM. Through countless heats, eight swimmers at a time dove into the pool and upon completion of their race, the results and times were instantly available on the screen. This got me thinking about the technology behind sporting events like these; imagining how complex one swim meet must be, I could hardly fathom the idiosyncrasies surrounding something like the Olympic Games!

A quick Google search tells me I’m right about the Olympics: they are one hefty IT operation. The Technology Operation Centre (TOC) for the Games opened last October, and ever since have been testing for every possible scenario. They held full technical rehearsals in March and May and have faked everything from computer and server failures, to employees calling in sick, to cyber attacks and beyond. The Olympics are known for being a worldwide showcase of the latest innovations and technology, and it looks like London has taken many precautions to make sure their IT Infrastructure can handle the weight. This video gives a brief overview of the TOC in action, so cool!

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