Jun 11, 2013

Los Angeles data center boasts high power density, performance and LEED certification

Ansley Kilgore

Los Angeles data centerWhen evaluating colocation providers, finding data center space that meets performance and cost requirements can be challenging. Facilities built using green design techniques with sustainability in mind are able to offer enterprise IP, managed hosting and colocation services without sacrificing environmental responsibility and efficiency. Internap’s Los Angeles data center demonstrates a commitment to sustainability while meeting customer demand for industry-leading colocation services.

Internap’s LA facility was planned in accordance with green design techniques, and followed the Energy Star Target Finder guidelines to ensure mechanical and electrical efficiency. This resulted in a 47% reduction in energy use. One of the largest costs associated with operating a data center is power, and using sustainable energy techniques can help reduce operating costs while meeting customer needs for high performance and availability.

As a result of green design planning, Internap’s LA data center has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The facility already holds a Green Globe® certification, which it achieved shortly after opening in September 2012.

Some of the services available in the LA facility include:

High density power of up to 18kW per rack, allowing businesses to “upgrade in place” without having to pay more for a larger colocation footprint.

Hybrid hosting allows businesses to seamlessly connect colocation, managed hosting and cloud environments through a secure Layer 2 VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

Concurrent maintainability and resiliency ensure maximum uptime for your environment. More than just N+1, our infrastructure system is designed for the concurrent maintainability of generators, UPS and cooling modules.

As part of its commitment to reducing the impact on the environment, the LA data center was built with pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. During renovation of the building, Internap reused more than 99% of exterior structural components. The facility was also designed to reduce energy consumption through the use of high-efficiency lighting, automated lighting controls, air-side economizer cooling controls and high-efficiency equipment.

Thanks to green design planning, the LA data center is able to provide high performance and high availability without sacrificing environmental responsibility. When evaluating data center providers, choose one that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency and performance.

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