Sep 12, 2012

Machines aren’t taking over – smartphones are


The good news here is that while smartphones may be taking over –– they are making us more efficient humans. No, we can’t fly, yet with a smartphone you can do just about anything else. kicked off a month-long series on Monday called “Our Mobile Society” and it got me thinking about how quickly technology is changing and impacting our daily lives. According to the article, 68% of us sleep with our phone at our bedsides, text is the currency of modern conversation and in 2011 there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions with a worldwide population of 7 billion. Smartphones? The article also said it’s estimated that 5 billion people will own one in five years.

Like smartphones, cloud computing is rapidly changing the way we access data. We know that the cloud is here to stay and that it’s not some nebulous “pie in the sky” technology. But it wasn’t long ago that we were so convinced. Businesses are turning to the cloud for everything; from customer relationship management to highly specialized industry applications. Here’s some of the latest cloud technology news:

What other “new” technology will be making its way to becoming a part of our every day lives? And more importantly, how do you and your business keep up? If your business hasn’t adopted cloud yet, it will likely do so, and if you are looking for some help, read our new eBook: Five Key Steps to a Successful Cloud Takeoff.

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