Mar 19, 2013

Managed hosting helps businesses handle mobile device challenges

Ansley Kilgore

Managed hosting handle mobile device challengesMobile device ecosystems are contributing to major changes in how businesses get the job done. If you look around your office, you’ll probably notice that most people are still at their desk like always, but many of them may be using their personal mobile devices on the side. Smartphones will often be pulled out at meetings to clarify data. The rise of “bring your own device” is changing the enterprise IT landscape, and companies have to adjust accordingly.

Considering the implications of BYOD
When employees are allowed to use their personal mobile devices in the workplace, almost every facet of IT has to change. Instead of handling technology from a perspective where it is tightly controlled by IT and given to users based on their needs, workers are bringing the technological tools they want into the workplace and expecting IT to adjust to them.
This creates an operational climate that is, in many ways, beyond what most IT departments are equipped to handle. Mobile devices demand flexible, integrated, scalable and almost universally accessible application access. Unless you have a private cloud that is orchestrated to support scalable mobile use, you probably need some third-party help.

Taking advantage of managed hosting
Managed hosting providers can take on your mobile application architecture and ensure end-users have access to what they need at any time. To a great extent, this means the managed hosting solution is used to establish a solid foundation for mobility and the connectivity infrastructure needed to ensure that critical applications and data are delivered to users effectively. Managed hosting offers improved performance, flexibility and support, along with on-demand scalable storage and managed data protection.

If you want to control how users access apps and data, you can deploy governance systems within your managed hosting plan to get more control over what employees can access. While managed hosting is traditionally used for web hosting, you can use the technology to support web-based apps and services and deliver them to end users efficiently.

Is your business ready to take on the challenge of mobile devices in the workplace? Learn more about the benefits of incorporating managed hosting into your organization’s mobile strategy.

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