Jul 3, 2014

Rollout complete: MIRO conquers global network congestion


We’re proud to announce the complete deployment of Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) to help you fight through network congestion and achieve the best available online performance.

Internet traffic has become increasingly congested as businesses race to meet consumer demand for web-based services. Applications that are data-intensive or sensitive to latency require a fast, highly available global network in order to deliver content to multiple devices around the world.

Now available across Internap’s major global network Points of Presence (POPs), MIRO constantly probes multiple carriers to route traffic across the best performing path more than 99% of the time.

The power of MIRO

Our tests show that next-generation MIRO routes packets 35 milliseconds faster on average across all destination prefixes than suboptimal carrier routes. When compared to any single carrier, MIRO provides 4 times less fluctuation in performance, resulting in a more stable, reliable connection and consistent application performance. The addition of IPv6 capabilities, hardware upgrades and a more efficient route-optimization engine ensure optimal network performance for our cloud, hosting and colocation customers. To learn more about the new aspects of next-generation MIRO, see our earlier press release and blog.

The MIRO technology works over our redundant P-NAP infrastructure, which looks like this:


Worldwide capabilities

To enhance the global power of MIRO even more, we’ve just added a new POP in Slough, UK, just minutes outside London. As a data center hub for the region, Slough is an ideal location because of the large volumes of Internet traffic in the area. The P-NAP marks our third location in the region, and we plan to add more in the future to accommodate high customer demand for our IP solution.

The table below shows the regions and number of P-NAPS in which next-generation MIRO is controlling traffic.

New MIRO Locations

Globally, the next-generation MIRO algorithm makes millions of route adjustments every hour, improving application performance for our customers to their end users. This successful deployment marks another step towards Internap’s commitment to provide Performance Without Compromise.

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