Feb 10, 2014

New Secaucus data center supports hybrid IT infrastructure

Ansley Kilgore

Can colocation be agile? Yes. The new HorizonIQ data center in Secaucus, N.J., supports a hybrid approach to infrastructure, giving IT organizations the ability to combine colocation and cloud in the manner that best suits their application requirements.

A recent grand opening event featured industry analysts and customers and highlighted real-world examples of how colocation is an essential part of a scalable, reliable infrastructure.

Raj Dutt, HorizonIQ’s SVP of Technology, moderated a panel of customers, including Outbrain, eXelate, and Shutterstock, where each discussed how they use colocation to build and manage a distributed app at scale. A traditional product like colocation can be agile and quick, as evidenced by how Outbrain pushes around 100 changes per day to its production environment. eXelate uses colocation along with HorizonIQ’s bare-metal cloud to extract large quantities of online and offline data. The ability to spin up additional server instances through the API is critical for their real-time data analysis.

What is the need for a hybrid IT infrastructure?

Dutt expounded on the need for a hybrid approach, which includes using a combination of colocation and cloud, as the best way to build an infrastructure that meets the unique needs of your applications.

The Secaucus data center includes future-proofing features such as high-density power up to 18kW per rack and a concurrently maintainable design to ensure high availability and redundancy. The facility is located on a higher elevation than other data centers in the NY/NJ area, placing it outside the 100- and 500-year flood plains. The state-of-the-art facility supports the NY metro area and beyond, and is a strategic part of HorizonIQ’s plan to continue building out a footprint of premium, geographically distributed data centers.


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