Oct 3, 2014

New York Metro data center expansion: More space, higher power density and hybridization


New_York_Metro_Data_CenterLess than a year after opening its doors, Phase 1 of Internap’s Secaucus, N.J. data center is almost at full capacity. Fortunately, Phase 2 has just been completed and is now ready to move in. Phase 1 included 13,000 square feet of space with 1.4 MW of power. Phase 2 development has doubled the space and power, adding another 13,000 square feet and 1.4 MW. What makes this particularly interesting though is that most of the additional 1.4 MW is going to be deployed in Phase 1. The ability to build up space and power in a modular fashion allows more flexibly in power usage for our customers. At full utilization, Phase 1 and 2 are expected to have a combined capacity of 5.6 MW.

Our success in the fairly crowded New York/New Jersey data center market is a result of clear product differentiation. Over the last few years, we have been actively engaging with our customers to learn more about their high density power needs. The average draw per square foot is up 25% across all facilities, with a few markets like Silicon Valley experiencing a 40% year over year jump. In Secaucus, several customers are drawing 15kW/rack and the average power draw (not provisioned or expected draw) at the facility is already upwards of 150 watts/square foot. And based on the circuits in the installation queue, it will only go higher.

The ability to hybridize IT infrastructure is another key offering that differentiates our data centers in the New York Metro market. More and more customers are interested in using hybrid services within the data center, and we expect to see a larger number of AgileCLOUD customers in Phase 2 than we currently have in Phase 1.

The results that we have seen in the New York market are an incredible validation of our focus on providing value to customers even in a market that is considered to be somewhat commoditized.

Our Secaucus data center expansion allows Internap customers to get the most out of their colocation footprint today and in the future. To learn more about the benefits of high power density and hybrid capabilities, download our Next-Generation Colocation white paper.

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