Nov 25, 2014

News roundup: Data center industry update

Ansley Kilgore

Data Center IndustryThe data center industry is evolving as a result of new technologies and advancements. Increased storage capacity, market expansion, green data centers, hybrid IT and the rising demand for cloud services are all shaping the future of the industry.

Below is a collection of articles to help you stay informed on news and trends affecting the data center industry.

Room to grow: Tips for data center capacity planning
Learn several factors to consider when planning your data center capacity needs in this book excerpt, The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems Vol 2. A clear understanding of your current usage, along with the specific aspects that should be tracked, can help avoid unpleasant surprises. This helpful excerpt also provides a formula you can use to calculate the capacity needs for your resources, along with important industry terms you should know.

Data center wars – Battleground Houston
The data center market in Houston is heating up, and several firms have invested in additional infrastructure to keep up with the high demand. More than half of Houston-based companies still maintain in-house data center operations, and the increased competition could mean better rates and more competitive colocation services.

Watch this video to learn more about green data center design
Designing a high-performance, sustainable data center requires a team of experts and careful planning.
Sustainability consultants work with the design team early in the process, to provide expertise regarding energy, material selection and site selection. These decisions will ensure that the completed project meets the standards of specific certifications, including Green Globes®, LEED and ENERGY STAR.

How to find hybrid harmony in the data center
In this edition of Wired Innovation Insights, Jelle Frank van der Zwet discusses the importance of hybrid environments in the transition to cloud platforms. Data centers designed to support hybrid IT will serve as a catalyst for enterprises to connect on/off-premise legacy infrastructure with public and/or private clouds. The “multi-cloud future” will require hybrid IT capabilities so that organizations can realize the benefits of cloud solutions.

Cloud starts taking bite out of data center construction
What is the future of data center construction, and how will the shift to cloud services impact the industry? According to a recent IDC survey, fewer companies will run their own infrastructure by 2018, which will increase the need for cloud services. While data center construction will decline for enterprises, cloud service providers will likely need to expand their facilities to meet the higher levels of demand.

Learn more about the future of colocation by downloading the white paper, Next-Generation Colocation Drives Operational Efficiencies.

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