Jan 16, 2015

News roundup: The Internet of Things gets real at CES 2015

Ansley Kilgore

IoT NewsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big technology wave that will change the Internet as we know it. It’s here to stay, and soon we’ll be surrounded by connected devices, all gathering data and talking to one another. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, most new devices were IoT-centric. But no one wants to be covered in wearable sensors, so before the IoT can fully flourish, several aspects must be fleshed out.

Here are a few recent articles to keep you updated on fresh IoT news perspectives.

The Internet of Things has four big data problems
As witnessed at CES, the sheer number of wearable, connected devices is overwhelming; as stated in the article, “no one will wear 50 devices.” In order to move forward successfully, the industry needs to consider the big data aspects that go hand in hand with IoT. The biggest first movers will be those who win the war over data contention, not those who innundate the market with sensor-filled wearables that collect data in isolation.

Data privacy isn’t dead with the internet of things, just different
The IoT will force us to define privacy differently than we do today. While it’s not realistic to prevent companies from collecting data, there should still be controls on what happens to the data once it’s collected. The new reality will also raise questions about how lawmakers and governments should proactively address these privacy issues. Watch a panel discussion from the GigaOm Structure Connect 2014 event that includes speakers from xChanging, ACLU and The White House.

Certainties in 2015: Death, Taxes and the New World of IoT
Along with the certainty that IoT will impact many aspects of our daily lives, we must also consider the underlying network infrastructure required to support connected devices and their data. The prospect of failure at the infrastructure level could have disastrous effects for industries such as security or health care. Companies that successfully design and build an IoT-ready network will be better equipped to handle the challenges that lie ahead, from DNS to security and scalability.

CES 2015: AllSeen Alliance to bring order to the Internet of Things
You may have noticed something missing from the new IoT devices presented at CES 2015: the lack of standards regarding security, control and management of the devices and the personal data they collect. The AllSeen Alliance is a cross-industry group that plans to solve this problem, and is already making code available for use today. Creating standards for interoperability will set parameters for how the IoT will evolve, and these standards will subsequently shape and define the industry’s future.

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