Nov 2, 2015

News roundup: OpenStack Summit Tokyo

Ansley Kilgore

OpenStack Summit TokyoOn the heels of last week’s OpenStack Summit Tokyo, below is a collection of articles to keep you updated on announcements and news from the OpenStack ecosystem.

OpenStack Adoption Accelerates to Support App Deployment, Study Finds

The findings from most recent user survey were presented at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, which ran from Oct. 27-30. Results indicate that the percentage of production deployments is growing. In May 2015, 49 percent of deployments were in production, and this number has risen to 60 percent. Multiple reasons were cited as to why organizations are choosing to deploy OpenStack. The top reason, cited by 77 percent of respondents, is a desire to accelerate innovation to be able to deploy code and applications faster. 76 percent of respondents identified avoiding vendor lock-in as a key driver for OpenStack adoption. North America represents 44 percent of all users, with Asia holding the number two spot at 28 percent. Watch the eWEEK slideshow to see the key findings of the October 2015 OpenStack User Survey. Read entire article here.

How OpenStack’s Project Navigator aims to steer users’ cloud choices

The new online Project Navigator tool from the OpenStack Foundation is designed to help firms pick through open-source cloud components. According to OpenStack Foundation COO Mark Collier, there are more than two dozen different services available that can be put into production based on different OpenStack projects. There’s a small number of projects that every cloud uses, or services that every cloud provides, but there are quite a few projects that offer optional services. For example, if you’re doing big data, you might want to use the Sahara project. If you want to automate databases, you might look at Trove. While it’s good to have options, it can be overwhelming. Project Navigator aims to help make sense of the various projects by offering potential users information drawn from a number of sources. Read entire article here.

OpenStack vs Amazon: Where’s the Money?

At the OpenStack Summit, Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation, delivered the opening keynote address which outlined the successes of the past six months. While OpenStack is growing, media and analysts asked how OpenStack compares to Amazon. “There is no question that AWS is extremely impressive and doing a great job of creating a market, but I think if you look at public OpenStack clouds, there are more points of presence around the world than Amazon,” said Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation. “If you look at private clouds, the largest company in the world, Walmart, is running OpenStack.” Watch a video of the post-keynote session here. Read entire article here.

OpenStack Foundation Announces Certification Program For Cloud Admins

The OpenStack Tokyo Summit developer conference announced a new certification program for OpenStack cloud admins. Given the complexity of OpenStack, which consists of a large number of sub-projects, it can be difficult for businesses that want to adopt the technology to find qualified administrators. Admins who want to be certified will have to take a virtual certification test that will be available globally. The foundation expects that it will administer the first tests in 2016. About 20 training providers will offer training courses to help admins prepare for the test. OpenStack COO Mark Collier said the organization plans to look at offering similar certifications for OpenStack developers and other roles in the future. Read entire article here.

The top 6 new guides for working with OpenStack

With so much going on in OpenStack, the open source cloud computing project, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s new and to learn how to use it. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there to help, including third-party training, listservs, IRC channels, and of course the official documentation. There are also a great number of community-written tutorials, guides, and howtos for OpenStack that can be a helpful way to learn. Every month, collects the best in new community tutorials written in the prior month and brings them to you in one handy collection. Without further ado, check out some of our favorites from last month. Read entire article here.

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