Nov 21, 2013

Next-generation AgileCLOUD is now available!


Our next generation AgileCLOUD goes into public beta today, and we’re really excited about the launch. Huge strides have been made in the areas of both scalability and performance.

Next generation AgileCLOUD is 100% OpenStack underneath the hood. We’re consuming the latest version of OpenStack, Havana, soon to be Icehouse, and we expose the full OpenStack API to our customers. It’s open, interoperable and helps eliminate vendor lock in.

In addition to general openness, performance is also a key message of our next generation AgileCLOUD.
We offer both virtualized instances as well as bare-metal instances with no hypervisor, all over the same OpenStack API.

In addition to the OpenStack API, our customers can still use hAPI, the hosting API as well as our portal to manage their complete environment.

Next generation AgileCLOUD is flexible. Not only do you have the option get the exact amount of CPU and RAM that you need for your instances, we’ve made great strides in the types of disks we offer. Disk I/O is traditionally a big pain point in the cloud, and we think we’ve got a really appealing solution for you. Not only do we have local ephemeral storage that is 100% SSD-backed, we also offer external network-attached block storage with finely grained quality of service.

For the first time, you can be guaranteed that noisy neighbors do not affect your disk I/O performance. Instead, you can dial up or dial down the exact amount of IOPS and bandwidth that you need. Pay for only what you use and get the performance that you expect.

You can sign up for the beta of next generation AgileCLOUD at

In addition, as a gesture of our gratitude, we’ll provide you with a $1000 credit for use on our generally available next generation AgileCLOUD.

We encourage you to sign up for the beta. Kick the tires, spin the wheels. We’re eager for your feedback.

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