Oct 5, 2015

Non-Volatile Memory available on AgileSERVER


Intel_NVM_SSDAs part of our commitment to high-performance infrastructure, we’re pleased to announce the availability of PCI Express Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) storage for AgileSERVER.

NVM is the next generation of SSD storage technologies, and NVM Express (NVMe) is designed specifically to unlock the benefits of NVM. The NVMe interface has been designed to leverage low latency with the processor to remove current bottlenecks from AHCI. As a result, the total throughput of the card is much greater than what your traditional SSD or SATA/SAS HDD could accomplish – yes, even the 12Gbps drives.

What it means: PCI Express NVM Storage

Many of our customers with data-intensive workloads require the latest and most powerful compute and storage technologies for optimal performance. This is especially true for organizations with fast, big data and analytics use cases, and the increased disk I/O and reduced data latency offered by NVM can have a very favorable impact. We have a customer using our NVM storage configurations that is generating more than 1.2 million IOPS per server today. Other benefits offered by NVM include:

  • Increased throughput speed provides better performance with fewer servers and can lower your operating costs.
  • Faster creation of virtual machines (VMs), as well as faster execution of workloads within the VMs makes developers more productive.
  • Significantly higher IOPS can be achieved as a result of reduced latency, resulting in better performance and cost savings.

The PCI Express NVM Storage Cards (Intel P3608 Series) are now available in all Internap Agile regions.

Contact us to learn more, or existing Internap customers can log in to the portal.

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