Feb 24, 2016

OpenStack-powered bare-metal AgileSERVER launches new locations in US and Europe


At Internap, we have been hard at work to expand the presence of AgileSERVER, our OpenStack-powered bare-metal IaaS offering. Designed to support high IO and data-intensive workloads, AgileSERVER provides the performance of dedicated servers with the automation and on-demand functionality of cloud.

Expanding the AgileSERVER footprint

During the last two months, we have expanded the AgileSERVER on OpenStack footprint into three new regions. Along with our existing location in Secaucus, NJ, we have added Dallas, Santa Clara and Amsterdam. The two new AgileSERVER locations in the U.S. help cater to the west coast and central regions of the country, while the Amsterdam location expands the presence of AgileSERVER into Europe. We plan to further expand AgileSERVER to additional locations over the course of this year.

Kilo upgrade

As part of our ongoing expansion of AgileSERVER, Internap completed a footprint-wide deployment of Kilo, the latest production release of OpenStack. Kilo brings many new updates to the OpenStack platform, from the latest OpenStack APIv2.1 for Nova to Cinder supporting rolling updates. You can find a detailed list of enhancements and updates in the Kilo release here.

Interoperability testing

AgileSERVER has been interop tested, which means it performs all the functions necessary to meet the OpenStack community’s interoperability requirements. Interop testing helps users evaluate product functionality by providing access to test results and other technical information to make informed decisions and choose the OpenStack products that meet their requirements.

The expansion of Internap’s AgileSERVER footprint, along with the Kilo upgrade and interoperability testing, reinforces our commitment to the growth of the OpenStack cloud platform.

Learn more about bare-metal AgileSERVER powered by OpenStack.

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