May 22, 2015

News Roundup: OpenStack Summit Vancouver

Ansley Kilgore

At the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver this week, we heard several announcements about the promising future of OpenStack. In case you missed the Summit, or didn’t get a chance to catch up on the news, here is a collection of articles to keep you updated.

OpenStack Launches Certification Program And Identity Management To Ensure Interoperability

One challenge for OpenStack has been providing clarity regarding how different cloud computing solutions work together. This week, OpenStack announced two initiatives that address the interoperability issue. First, there will be a series of interoperability tests to ensure core elements of OpenStack from different vendors will interoperate. In addition, a new distributed identity offering will enable users to create instances on other clouds using their “home” OpenStack cloud login.
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OpenStack gets bare metal, storage support

The OpenStack Summit in Vancouver kicked off with a list of initiatives aimed at extending cloud services capabilities based on the open-source cloud platform. Internet infrastructure services provider Internap unveiled a new bare-metal cloud service on the OpenStack platform to deliver high-end Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) options. Bare-metal cloud infrastructure is touted as giving DevOps teams an on-demand IaaS option for OpenStack, where they can deploy and manage cloud-native and enterprise applications in hybrid cloud environments.
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OpenStack simplifies setup with Community App Catalog

To increase OpenStack adoption, the OpenStack Foundation announced the OpenStack Community App Catalog, which will be a repository of common applications and app-stack components used when building a cloud. OpenStack COO Mark Collier says the catalog will allow users to share best practices, while also helping new users get started. This project may show prospective users that the utility of openstack can make it easier to stand up applications and systems.
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OpenStack isn’t just ready for enterprise adoption, it’s already there

While deploying OpenStack cloud isn’t easy, there are several businesses that are actively using OpenStack for large-volume, mission-critical workloads. With so many vendors committed to OpenStack, deployment will become easier, and the concerns voiced by Forrester and others are being addressed by the OpenStack community. The challenge of porting legacy systems to a new platform will be a problem regardless of whether you choose OpenStack or another cloud provider such as AWS.
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OpenStack Embraces Containers

The message from OpenStack COO Mark Collier in his keynote presentation was to think of OpenStack as an agnostic integration engine. Demonstrating the ability to
While interest in containers has been seen as a threat to OpenStack, that is not the case, based on what we’ve learned at the Summit. Ultimately, OpenStack could offer developers a single API to manage their workloads, regardless of whether they run on containers, virtual machines or a combination.
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