Jan 23, 2012

Optimizing for [Internet] traffic jams


Like many Atlantans, I commute from the burbs on 75/85 each day to make my way downtown to work.  Most of the time my track down the major north/south artery takes me right around 30 minutes, but on certain days an accident blocks my path, or there is just so much traffic on the road that my commute is delayed. Today was such a day, and I couldn’t help but wish for a way to speed things up or a way around the usual rubberneckers.  But instead of honking my horn at the guy in front of me, I day-dreamed about how Atlanta traffic might be better if only it too could benefit from route control and acceleration services like a business using the Internet can.

You see the Internet has millions of packets of information traveling across its many information highways, just like Atlanta has hundreds of thousands of commuters traveling its highways, and sometimes things get bogged down. But unlike Atlanta travelers who have to sit through a traffic jam, companies that depend on the Internet for their business can turn to technologies such as TCP Acceleration or Intelligent Route Control (IRC) to speed things up and get around the blockages the Internet inevitably presents.

TCP Acceleration works to speed delivery of applications by up to four times, ultimately improving the end-user experience, just like traveling in the fast lane  might get me to work a few minutes quicker. IRC technology avoids the traffic jams and chooses the best possible route around delays− sort of like being able to weave in and out of traffic like a race car driver or drive down the shoulder (which I have considered). Using these two technologies in combination delivers a better online experience for website users. It’s just too bad they can’t do much for Atlanta traffic.

Looking for a way around Internet slow-downs and obstacles? Read how Beyond Nines uses Internap’s Accelerated IP service (XIP™) in conjunction with our Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO) technology to provide enhanced services that help its customers maximize fund-raising systems. Download the case study now.


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