Aug 27, 2012

Optimizing online gaming performance with multiple-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies


Optimizing Online Gaming Performance with Multiple-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud StrategiesAs I listened to the Internap online gaming webinar last week it was encouraging to hear how vibrant and growing all three principle online gaming market segments are: Social, Mobile and Multi-player Online.

Clearly, monetization challenges are intensifying due to the “big gaming companies getting bigger” and app stores drowning in apps. That said, the use of cloud and CDN services, by new and mature games alike, offers a unique combination of customer experience improvement and cap-ex-friendly costs worth looking at by all players in the space.

Clouds Provide Scaling and Costs Flexibility

The use of public cloud and CDN solutions can play many beneficial roles in a game’s lifecycle, allowing for low-cost initial deployment, rapidly deployable “bursting capacity” during heady growth and/or pay-only-for-what-is-used infrastructure during the twilight of popularity.

Selecting the perfect cloud partner and the best region/zone is an ever-evolving target. Game popularity trends differently around the globe and the need to best align platform costs with optimum user experience is an emerging science. So, the challenge is optimizing these many investment options.

Cedexis Radar Provides Free Cloud Performance Reporting

As was mentioned on the webinar, solutions from Cedexis can provide both the free data to evaluate clouds and the intelligent Global Server Load Balancing to most effectively take advantage of your cloud, private data center and CDN infrastructures.

Cloud benchmarking is available for free from the Radar Community. The Cedexis Radar Community is the leading independent authority of cloud and CDN performance, with hundreds of companies around the world deploying the Radar tag on their web properties to help gather approximately one billion end user performance measurements a day. In addition to unlimited access to the free aggregate cloud benchmarking data, every community member gains visibility into the community availability, throughput, and latency measurements, as well as the traffic of their own subscribers allowing Radar Community members to be educated consumers of these services.

Stay tuned for part two of this series tomorrow. In the meantime, be sure to watch the Internap online gaming webinar instant replay.

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