Jan 25, 2013

Pedal to the metal: F1 meets bare metal cloud

Ansley Kilgore

SFI_Italy_car_crowd_800x400The first time I heard the term bare metal cloud, I visualized a race car. Sure, we all know I have F1 on the brain with our sponsorship of the Sahara Force India Formula One Team, but it’s actually a great comparison if you stop and think about it. A race car is designed for pure performance, stripped of luxuries, bursting (pun intended) with raw power and unmatched agility.  But as it turns out, I only had it half right.  While bare metal cloud is in fact about high-performance, it metaphorically also has a high-end surround system, supple leather seats (heated and cooled of course) and a tricked-out navigation system. Bare metal cloud is a fast AND sweet ride.  It’s a way to cost-effectively gain the business agility of the cloud combined with the high performance, predictability, security and control associated with dedicated physical servers. All provisioned within minutes, not hours or days.  Sounds pretty agile to me.

Next week, cloud and F1 will collide at Cloud Expo Europe in London.  This event is a great opportunity to learn more about strategic cloud infrastructure and how it can benefit your business. To demonstrate Internap’s commitment to performance, we’re also giving away a one-of-a-kind, F1 prize – our partner, Sahara Force India, has graciously donated an actual racing suit worn and signed by Paul Di Resta. It is framed and ready to be hung – talk about a conversation starter!   It could be yours if you drop by our booth and take our cloud for a test drive.

In case you are like me and counting down the days until the 2013 F1 season begins, have no fear. Sahara Force India will be unveiling their new car on Friday, February 1 at Silverstone in England, just as the Cloud Expo is coming to a close.  Look for information soon about how to watch the live event.  Hint: The event will be streamed live on their website and powered by Internap.

Planning to be in London next week? Visit Internap at booth 857 at Cloud Expo Europe January 29 – 30 to take a spin in our cloud. Also, learn more about evaluating cloud solutions in our Cloud Hosting Buyer’s Guide.

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