May 29, 2012

Performance Data Centers on the open water


Performance Data Centers on the open waterWhat’s a “Performance Data Center”? I’m glad you asked… I recently purchased my first boat so let’s use that as an analogy to help explain. We spend a lot of time on one particular lake, and towing my boat back and forth from the house to the lake can sometimes be a hassle. So, I’ve been looking into those huge dry docks where you can have your boat plucked from the water with a forklift when you’re done for the day. Your boat, which is no small investment I might add, is stored safe and sound, in the comfort of a huge warehouse filled with other boats. It’s dry, safe, secure, and I can access my boat whenever I want, for any reason. If I need work done on it, well, the dry dock facility can offer those services too. That seems pretty convenient to me, allowing me to focus on enjoying time with my family − which is why I bought the boat in the first place. As a bonus, varying levels of service are available based on individual needs.

Not unlike the dry dock housing above, a Performance Data Center offers the fundamental services needed to manage your IT Infrastructure, and so much more. It has the controlled environment you need and a staff at the ready with optional services like remote hands or 24/7 support. More robust than traditional data centers, Internap Performance Data Centers offer our entire product portfolio, so if you need more flexibility down the line (think cloud, managed/dedicated hosting or a combination thereof), it’s all there for you.

Over the last several years Internap has been busy building new Performance Data Centers to meet the growing demand for high-density power colocation, hosting and cloud services. Late last year we opened our Dallas facility, a 55,000 square foot, state-of-the-art data center with lots of great features and services that today’s technology professionals demand. Our newest Performance Data Center is currently being built in Los Angeles, CA, opening for business in summer of 2012. We’re excited about the opportunity to serve a new market and look forward to seeing you at our grand opening. Until then, we’ll keep you updated on progress.

Looking for more information on our Los Angeles Performance Data Center? Check out the data sheet.

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