Jul 11, 2016

10 Questions CIOs Should Ask Before Moving Operations to the Cloud

Ryan Hunt, Director of Content & Communications

Ask enterprise CIOs whether or not they will be transitioning legacy IT operations to cloud environments within the next few years and the vast majority will give you a simple answer: Absolutely yes! But ask them why they’re making the move, what their cloud architecture will look like once implemented, or how those environments will be managed internally, and the answers grow decidedly more complex.

The reality is that for the ill-prepared, cloud deployments can create as many issues as they solve. For instance, deploying and migrating without clear objectives or a sound onboarding plan can significantly delay time to market.

Featuring recent research from across the industry, the following infographic addresses 10 critical questions faced by CIOs before they move their IT operations to the cloud.

10 questions CIOs should ask before moving to the cloud

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Director of Content & Communications

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