Mar 7, 2012

Ready or not, the storm is coming


With the recent devastating tornadoes in Georgia and other states, I am reminded how fragile infrastructure really is and more importantly how lives can literally change in an instant. Not only do we need to consider our personal safety and have a plan in place, should Mother Nature strike, but common sense tells us we should have the same in place for our business.

According to a recent article: Data Center Changes Driven by Several Factors, the explosion of Internet usage and (pardon the pun) storm of data, not to mention its increasing importance to enterprises, has caused sharp demand spikes and a need to rapidly build out capacity. But that has come at a cost to some who failed to reject a facility site for a new data center because of excessive risk factors.

Whether you are considering disaster-recovery, business continuity or other potential catastrophic prevention plans, it goes without saying, it’s wise to be prepared. Could your data center take a direct hit by an earthquake, flood, high winds, hurricane, ice storm or other severe event? What measures have been taken to mitigate natural disaster risks by your data center provider?

Things to keep in mind — security, services and facilities considerations when looking for a data center provider — is the focus of my mashup this week.

Finally, there is a handy eBook, a Colocation Buyer’s Guide, available from us (free) if you are interested in learning more. Thanks for reading and see you here next Wednesday! If you want me to cover something in particular, please leave a comment.

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