Nov 13, 2015

Route optimization and business continuity

Ansley Kilgore

route optimizationFor most businesses today, the Internet is mission-critical. Computer networks and IT systems are important strategic assets to modern companies, but each facet of a business that relies on the Internet is also vulnerable to risk.

Multiple factors can jeopardize network availability, including slow Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) convergence, invalid route updates, human error, malicious DDoS attacks and fiber cuts. The results of these complications can range from minor delays or degradations to complete loss of connectivity across the Internet. So how can system administrators and other IT professionals ensure business continuity in spite of the risks?

Business continuity and Internet optimization

Unfortunately, many organizations depend on suboptimal network protocols and remedial redundancy to ensure availability of critical network elements. In many cases, traditional operational practices are reactive and fail to prevent dramatic impacts to organizational productivity. To ensure business continuity, IT organizations need a proactive approach to automate BGP and prevent service degradations from becoming business-critical disasters.

Here are two ways Internet route optimization can enhance business continuity.

Improve multi-homed route optimization

Intelligent route control devices take into account business objectives and risks by maintaining routing policies and service demands as defined by an enterprise. The systems leverage redundant infrastructure, proactively measure service levels and alternate paths for traffic on the Internet and assert routing entries consistent with the principles of business continuity. On-premise route control devices use dynamic network analysis to provide real-time BGP route optimization, which proactively reduces the risk of outages that can affect productivity and revenue.

Measure and monitor network performance

In addition to addressing the risks, route control systems provide metrics in the form of performance, distribution and economic reports, giving you visibility into your network’s current state. This includes transparency into carrier commit reserves and price-indexed ISP performance. Access to these vital metrics allows you to fine tune your parameters and achieve network performance goals with reduced costs, easier troubleshooting and intelligent traffic management across multiple providers.

IT systems and networks play a huge role in the success of your business. Incorporating route optimization into your business continuity plan can reduce risk for your mission-critical operations. Anything else is an acceptance of risk and an invitation for disaster.

Download the Intelligent Route Control white paper to learn more about on-premise route optimization.

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