Sep 20, 2013

Sahara Force India: This F1 website doesn’t brake for pit stops


Sahara Force India

Formula One is rightly regarded as one of the greatest expressions of technology. In a world living on the edge, where a thousandth of a second can mean the difference between triumph and defeat, there is no space for compromise.

The same mentality applies to the IT solutions that power the Sahara Force India website, our most effective platform to interact with our fans and engage them. In a technological world that is connected 24/7, nothing is left to chance. Through our website, we connect with Formula One followers all over the world, sharing news, behind-the-scenes insights and information, making them an integral part of our team.

Top performance online and on the circuit
Formula One is a global sport and our team has fans in every continent. It is crucial for our website to be live and accessible at every hour in the day and in the night – no downtime is acceptable: our partnership with Internap guarantees the most reliable platform in order to leave no fan out in the cold – wherever their location and needs.

Especially at race weekends, when traffic reaches its peaks, the platform created by Internap allows us to achieve top performance, while the knowledge that no fan is ever let down by our website’s technological solutions gives our team the ease of mind to concentrate on bringing new, exciting content to our fans.

Being able to count on a website that delivers unrivalled performance has allowed us to build a unique relationship with our followers, bringing them exclusive content with the confidence our fans will be able to enjoy it.

“I visit the website every day” says Patricia, who hails from the Asturias in Spain; “I am a massive fan of your blogs where you talk about your summer break, how you feel when going somewhere for the first time or how is it like for the team to race in India. This kind of entries put us fans closer to the team and I appreciate that a lot.”

Young fan Cassie, from England, attributes her passion for Formula One to the team’s website, her one-stop-shop for information. “I read every article, even older ones – each one helps my Formula One knowledge grow” is her verdict. “Without the website I wouldn’t have my Paul Di Resta shirt, I wouldn’t know where to get the full race previews from all the team – I wouldn’t be one of your Best Fans!”

The website is the way our team connects to our home in India and to the passionate fans following our team there. Superfan Darshan, from Kolkata, is “really thankful for the website, the best source of information about the team.

“The blogs give us so much about what is going on behind the scenes. When you go through them, one can imagine the situation and feel just like you’re there with the team. It is also great to read about [Academy Driver] Jehan’s excellent performances. It’s tough to get hold of any news of him on the net but there are so many updates by the team!”

Through our website, we try to bridge the gap between the team and the millions of fans who wish us well every race weekend. Getting closer, sharing the insights of what happens backstage at a Grand Prix gives the hundreds of thousands who cannot travel to a race the opportunity to be part of the team. There are a few fans, however, for which this connection reaches an even more personal level – those for whom the interaction with our site allows to keep in touch with loved ones: the families of our team members.

“The team website is so important for us” says Oana, originally from Bucharest. “It makes us feel part of the race weekends and therefore part of the lives of our dear ones when they’re away. The same goes for all our friends, work colleagues and extended family so the virus of F1 and love for SFI spreads through its people.

“As a fan of the team, I love all the drivers’ pre- and post-race comments. I love their optimism and determination and the explanations making things clear for all us non-engineers!”

The positive feedback from our loyal fans is a huge reward for everyone in the team and renews our commitment to work hard, in partnership with Internap, to bring an even better website experience for our followers.

We listen carefully to the suggestions and comments of the best Formula One fans in the world. As we keep improving our offer, we want to bring you even more. Loyal fan Tim, from England, enjoys “one of the best and easiest to access sites of all the F1 teams so keep up the good work” and asks for “more about the team – the key players, the factory and the staff behind running a large operation like a F1 team.”

Working with Internap, we can keep working on bringing you the best content – today and tomorrow.

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