Jun 13, 2011

Scaling Your Data Center Footprint for Higher Density


Last week, we gave a glimpse into our thinking for the future of data center design in the webcast, “Scaling Your Data Center Footprint for Higher Density”. Our premise: data centers of the future must shift the current relationship between space and power.

In today’s typical raised floor multi-tenant data centers, the ability to meet tenants’ growing demands for power is met by allocating more and more space or “footprint.” Current cooling limitations mean that power is capped to a maximum 6-8kW per rack enclosure which is insufficient to meet growing tenant needs. As a result, tenants must acquire additional footprint in the facility to accommodate growth, at additional cost.

In next generation multi-tenant data centers, support for much higher rack densities will be critical. Colocation tenants must have the ability to scale on-demand within their existing footprint and not be forced to sprawl across a facility. As a result, the relationship between space and power must be redefined to power and cooling whereby both are available to support much higher density rack configurations.

Companies should carefully consider their current colocation provider’s ability to support their high density rack configurations in the future.

Internap is working to develop flexible colocation solutions that can support higher density rack configurations requiring up to 8kW+ to 18kW+ in power consumption. Doing so will meet the needs of our customers who desire greater longevity within the same facility and an enhanced ROI for their colocated solutions.

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