Mar 10, 2010

Singapore Web Hosting – Why Host your Asia Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with Voxel?

Ansley Kilgore

Singapore Web Hosting - Why Host your Asia Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with Voxel?With Asian web users representing an even larger portion of today’s Internet, Voxel is seeing more of its customers target the Asian market and require Asian web hosting for their applications, social networking tools, ad delivery solutions or media content.  Users are demanding top performance and service providers and startups need to deliver that in a cost-effective manner.  So how does Voxel address the vast market challenges and differences of Asian hosting?   The answer is simpler than one might think. When we decided to tackle this problem, Voxel first took a look at the differences in hosting between more mature markets (US/Europe) and the Asian web hosting market.  We found that:

  • Network quality varied dramatically from country-to-country or within certain regions, often making a SaaS application hosted in Hong Kong unusable to business customers in Singapore.
  • Pricing was hidden behind walled gardens of custom quote forms or long term commitments.  This was in contrast to the wide array of transparent pricing options available in the US and Europe.
  • Asian cloud computing offerings were limited and no major public cloud vendors were offering solutions in Asia.
  • Bandwidth pricing and server bandwidth was much more expensive for end users, or was limited in small quantities like 1Mbps “capped” services.

Singapore Web Hosting - Why Host your Asia Cloud Server or Dedicated Server with Voxel?Voxel recognized that startups in Asia, as well as US and European Internet companies moving into the Asian market, needed these issues addressed in order to fully capitalize on the opportunities in this emerging Internet market.  To that end, Voxel decided to open an Asian datacenter and hosting location and extend the Voxel IP network to Singapore and Hong Kong. We opened our first datacenter presence in Singapore in 2009, enabling our clients to quickly deliver media files, HTTP assets and videos via our Asian CDN nodes.  We then worked to build out our network, establish peering relationship and expand regional interconnection options so that we could lower the price of bandwidth for Asian customers and increase the quality and control of the delivery.  Finally, late last year, Voxel started offering our popular hosting services in Singapore, including dedicated servers and our cutting-edge VoxCLOUD cloud computing and cloud server product. Customers can now take advantage of:

  • Transparent and cost competitive bandwidth pricing with fully burstable, 2 x 1Gbps per server network ports.
  • Global CDN delivery via VoxCAST with each and every account.
  • Local cloud servers and dedicated servers, available through our online control panel, desktop Adobe AIR application or REST-based hosting API.
  • BaseManaged raw infrastructure or fully ProManaged services, including custom load-balanced clusters, multi-site hosting options and high-scalability deployments.
  • Global hosting options via one invoice: the U.S. from our New York hosting facility, Europe from our Amsterdam hosting facility and Asia from our Singapore hosting facility.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 export support on the entire infrastructure stack (hardware, Linux OS, CDN delivery, and application services support).
  • Local sales offices in both New York and Singapore

We encourage customers who need to target the Asian Internet market to contact us.  We have sales engineers available 24 hours per day out of both our New York and Singapore offices and we’d love to help you reach your Asian customer base.

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