Apr 5, 2013

Solve enterprise video delivery challenges with CDNs

Ansley Kilgore

video delivery challenges with CDNsContent Delivery Networks (CDNs) are essential for enterprises that need to meet the demands of next-generation multi-device video delivery. Some challenges include:

Mobile – Even for enterprises with a successful track record of live streaming, the demand for mobile media delivery presents a new set of challenges. The BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon has forced many IT organizations to address this.

New devices – The ability to adapt content for different devices is an essential part of enterprise video delivery. New devices require different ways to deliver content to users, and adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology can adjust the stream as needed to allow users with different bitrates to view the same content.

Competing standards – Even though http streaming is becoming the de facto standard, CDN solution providers still need to provide transcoding solutions that convert videos into multiple formats to reach a broader audience.

As an Internap customer for more than a decade, Jolokia provides hosting, streaming and IT services using a private cloud infrastructure, with worldwide content distribution and dynamic application acceleration technologies. Jolokia has a broad client base of SaaS application providers and clients that require support for delivery of live and on-demand rich media.

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