Jun 13, 2012

Summer… summer…summertime


summertimeOne only needs to type in “summer” in the search window of your favorite online music store for a mountain of tunes to pop up: Will Smith’s Summertime and the same named song, although not the same, by New Kids on the Block. Who can forget (especially those of you who watched the movie at least a dozen times) John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in Grease swooning to Summer Nights and I’m certain all you disco fans have tapped a toe or two to Donna Summer’s Endless Summer. I tend to favor Kid Rock’s All Summer Long, but I think most of us would agree that summer wouldn’t be summer without the Sounds of Summer album by the Beach Boys.

While the thought of any and all these songs brings back my own fond memories, there is a dark side to summer for most Internet-dependant businesses that they would rather forget, or at least not have to address. Summertime is one of the worst parts of the year for businesses running their own data centers. The costs of power and cooling go up, up, up… right along with the temperature. Not to mention the high propensity for summer storms to bring with them high winds, flooding and treacherous tornadoes and hurricanes.

But don’t get hot under the collar just yet… there is a way to work around these rising expenses and potential catastrophes. Here are some articles this week that address these very issues:

So next time you are considering your skyrocketing bills, check out colocation. Oh and while you are at it, check out our “cool” and power-efficient data centers in major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta (new expansion in 2012!), Boston, Dallas, Houston, New York, Santa Clara and Seattle, plus Los Angeles – coming soon!

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