Jan 30, 2014

Survey reveals demand for high-performance cloud solutions

Ansley Kilgore

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It’s no secret that public cloud solutions can’t always provide the level of performance required by real-time, data-intensive applications. A recent survey of Internet infrastructure decision makers highlighted the growing demand for high-performance, non-virtualized cloud solutions, such as bare-metal cloud.

Price Performance
The survey revealed that organizations commonly evaluate public cloud providers based on price and performance, yet these two factors remain top challenges even after cloud adoption. As more servers are added to accommodate business growth and scale, the price performance ratio becomes less favorable, resulting in higher volatility and inconsistent throughput. Dedicated bare-metal servers provide an alternative to virtualized public cloud, and can help establish a high-performance cloud environment using fewer servers than would be required in a virtual cloud environment.

The virtualization myth
The survey also highlights the widespread misperception that virtualization is a defining characteristic of public cloud. Organizations hosting big data applications in the cloud are showing interest in non-virtualized IaaS alternatives, such as bare-metal public cloud, which offers dedicated resources and eliminates problems with “noisy neighbors”.

For full survey results, download the report here.

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