Feb 13, 2013

Survey says “cloudy colo” is on the horizon

Ansley Kilgore

cloudy coloThe IT Infrastructure landscape is evolving quickly, and with it comes a change in the way IT decision makers view data centers, colocation services and the prevalence of cloud options available to them. Knowing the most effective way to leverage these can help you streamline resources while maintaining security, scalability and performance for your business.

In an effort to provide some insight into the shifts that are taking place, Internap conducted a survey of IT decision makers in the U. S. who are responsible for purchasing IT Infrastructure services such as colocation and cloud. The responses indicate a shift in the way traditional colocation services are managed and delivered, with an increasing demand for “cloudy colo” features. This would bring many of the benefits of the cloud, such as automation, self-service capabilities and detailed real-time insights to more traditional colocation environments. But while public cloud is clearly top of mind for most organizations today, many are still unsure of when cloud is the most effective and cost-efficient choice.

Making decisions about your IT Infrastructure can be challenging, but being aware of current trends empowers you to choose wisely. Download the full report, The Data Center Services Landscape, to find out how your organization compares with the survey results.

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