Aug 15, 2012

Technology for the Olympics — what about your business?


Technology for the OlympicsWe all know prepping and conducting the Olympics is a mammoth undertaking. And, now that the Games are over, I was curious as to what some of the mind-boggling stats with regard to technology might be.

According to a ComputerWeekly article:

  • became the most popular sports website in the world. It had 38.3 billion page views, peaking at 96,871 page views per second.
    1. 1. Some 1.2 petabytes of data were transferred over the website, with a peak of rate of 22.8Gbps.
      2. On the busiest day there were 13.1 million unique visitors.

  • During the Games, the Olympic network which connected 94 locations (including 34 competition venues) carried 961 terabytes of information.
  • Olympic traffic to exceeded that for the entire BBC coverage of FIFA World Cup 2010 games.
  • The BBC saw 12 million requests for video on mobile across the whole of the Games.
  • Around 13.2 million minutes (or 220,000 hours) of BT Wi-Fi were used across the Olympic Park venues.
  • A single company provided 13,500 desktops; 2,900 notebooks; 950 servers and storage systems and a number of tablet PCs.

Now what you and I do on a daily basis doesn’t come close to comparing that with running the Olympic games (and then again, maybe it does). Regardless, technology plays a critical role and with more and more businesses moving to the cloud, here are some articles to ponder:

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