Jan 30, 2012

The case for colocation


According to Info-Tech Research Group, 64% of organizations engage in some form of data center colocation services. In addition, Gartner has observed more and more enterprises enlisting colocation services, and has identified several reasons behind this trend.*

1.  Since organizations are more geographically distributed, they don’t necessarily have an optimal central location in which to locate a data center and Web systems.

2. Traditional office buildings don’t always meet the cooling, power and weight requirements to house dense and heavy hardware, and retrofitting them is too expensive. Also, these buildings rarely allow for the lockdown security measures that companies want for their server rooms.

3. Colocation gives companies that are consolidating or outgrowing their internal data centers a cost-effective alternative to building new facilities.

4. Remote “lights-out” management technology makes administering remote systems easier, allowing IT staffers to reboot servers remotely.

For more information on the drivers, benefits and ROI of colocation, download our Colocation Buyer’s Guide

*Focus Research Group



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