Jun 30, 2014

The few, the proud, the bare metal

Ansley Kilgore

The few, the proud, the bare metalExtra! Extra! Bare-metal cloud is bridging the gap between virtualized IaaS cloud services and dedicated physical servers.

But don’t take our word for it.

Recently, our bare-metal cloud has received lots of attention in the news. Here are a few articles and reports that support our belief in the future of bare-metal cloud.

Scale and performance: The case for bare-metal in the cloud

Scalability, cost and operational efficiency are still driving companies toward the cloud, but the inherent multitenancy of cloud environments creates performance problems as workload volume increases. Arthur Cole of IT Business Edge says Internap’s Cloud Landscape Report survey clearly articulates the problem as “overhead in multi-tenant environments tends to rise to unacceptable levels as volumes rise, which makes the cloud a fickle partner at best when it comes to Big Data analytics and other key initiatives.”

Who would have thought it? Report talks up bare-metal cloud

Forbes contributor Ben Kepes has changed his tune a bit about bare-metal cloud. He initially dismissed the offering and said Internap was simply giving customers a “faster horse,” to borrow the quote from Henry Ford. Ben’s more recent article concedes that bare metal is a viable option for certain real-world use cases. The offering has many of the same features as a standard cloud solution, but without the overhead of virtualization, which many buyers still equate with cloud.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Internap for bare-metal leadership

A recent Frost & Sullivan report on bare-metal clouds by Lynda Stadtmueller focuses on Internap as one of only two leading providers of the solution. The report is a great introduction to bare-metal cloud, and discusses the pros and cons of virtualization along with the increasing demand for bare metal as a “scalable, cost-efficient way to run high-performance workloads.” The price performance benefits of bare-metal cloud help big data apps achieve better performance and cost-at-scale.

Frost & Sullivan also honored Internap with the 2014 North American Cloud Services: Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award for best practices in the cloud services market. We appreciate the recognition, and are proud to be one of the few providers to offer this non-virtualized cloud solution.

For the performance and security sensitive user, the bare-metal cloud may be the solution

In the ZDNet blog, technology veteran David Chernicoff points out that performance and security concerns are still the main obstacles to cloud adoption, but bare-metal offerings may be able to address these pain points. Having a dedicated server that is not virtualized provides a higher degree of security than a multi-tenant environment.

Internap recognized for its bare-metal cloud leadership

The demand for big data solutions has increased as more organizations turn to consumer and market analytics for strategic insights. New applications are capable of turning vast amounts of data into meaningful information, but in order for these solutions to run effectively, they require more processing power than traditional public cloud offerings can provide. Bare-metal cloud helps bridge the gap between virtual and physical environments by offering the performance of a physical server with the flexibility and control of the cloud.

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