Mar 6, 2012

The future of CDN


The future of CDNVideo content across the Internet is growing by leaps and bounds as marketers discover its engaging and interactive qualities. One hundred and eighty-one million watched 40 billion online videos in January 2012 alone. Internet-based video will continue to grow with the use of HD video content becoming mainstream by 2015. In fact, Cisco predicts HD video will account for 77% of video-on-demand by 2015. The bottom line? Video is here to stay, but if you plan to use it, you must find a way to deliver it quickly and reliably.

Which leads me to mobility. In the very near future, the majority of Web browsing will be done on mobile devices, and yet alarmingly few businesses are delivering satisfying mobile experiences. “Desktop thinking” just doesn’t work in the bandwidth-challenged mobile environment. Smart phone usage is up 150% over the last two years while it is estimated that mobile users will consume over 3+ million terabytes worth of video traffic on mobile devices by 2015.

If your customers aren’t already asking for content delivery on their phones or tablets, they will be soon. Your edge is delivering accelerated, high-resolution, live and on-demand streaming with little to no lag time.

What are your plans for web content delivery to mobile devices?

Read our CDN Buyer’s Guide to learn how to create a strategy for delivering rich media to any device.

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