Aug 30, 2012

The six keys to disaster preparedness: The right people

Ansley Kilgore

The six keys to disaster preparedenessChoosing a data center services provider that has the right people in place is essential in the midst of any kind of emergency. The on-site staff and Network Operations Center staff are your first responders and key in the event of a disaster, surely just as important as all the preventative measures mentioned in my previous posts. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and any prospective provider:

  • Does your data center provider have the highly-trained and skilled people needed to operate its complex equipment?
  • Do they provide 24/7 on-site support?
  • Do they invest in ongoing employee education, including industry-recognized certifications?
  • Do they have deep expertise not just in facilities management, but other critical areas, such as IP networking, telecoms and customer support?
  • Do they collaborate with peers across the enterprise and discuss best practices?
  • Does the provider have internal leadership teams where ideas can be discussed and best practices identified that can be implemented across the provider’s portfolio of facilities?

These are critical questions you need answered before selecting a data center provider. Skilled data center engineers should complement facility engineers that are trained in electrical and mechanical disciplines, and carry licenses and equipment certifications.

With the right people and the right processes, your provider will be better prepared in the event of a disaster scenario. After selecting a provider that is committed to design, planning, testing, maintenance, communications and people, you can be assured that your data center provider is positioned to support your business — no matter what disaster may be on the horizon.

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