Jul 2, 2013

Three keys to success for online game developers

Ansley Kilgore

success for online game developersFor game developers and publishers, launching a new game into the market and creating loyal fans takes a lot of work. Whether you are an established gaming company or a new publisher entering the highly-competitive marketplace, having the right IT Infrastructure in place is critical. Your game must deliver the availability, performance and scale that online gamers have come to expect on their digital quests. Internap solutions help set game developers up for success by providing the right environment for testing, development and deployment of online games.

High-performance cloud services
When the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDigi) needed a server to host their new online game, Internap’s AgileCLOUD provided a cost-effective way to spin up virtual servers that could support their development and collaboration needs. MassDigi was able to continuously test their online game with live users, and scale dynamically up to thousands of players as needed. With cloud hosting solutions, game developers have more flexibility to test, develop and deploy without worrying about the limitations of technology.

When introducing new games into the market, speed and performance are key aspects of high-quality game delivery. No matter how awesome your game may be, users will abandon it if there is too much latency. With route-optimized Performance IPTM, Infinite Game Publishing (IGP) can provide gamers with a flawless online experience during the initial game launch and beyond. Meeting the expectations of online gamers is the first step to creating a loyal customer base. This is especially important in the free-to-play revenue model, which is less predictable than a subscription-based model.

Hybrid infrastructure
Gaming companies that use Internap services have the ability to mix and match different infrastructure offerings, including public and private cloud, bare-metal, managed hosting and colocation. As the gaming industry continues to grow and more businesses enter the market, the successful gaming publishers will be those who can seamlessly deliver their game to end users with low latency, high availability and high performance. The ability to establish and maintain your competitive edge depends on having the right gaming infrastructure in place.

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