Dec 15, 2011

Top 5 mistakes NOT to make in the Cloud

Ansley Kilgore

Yesterday, we hosted a webinar entitled the “Top 5 mistakes not to make in the cloud.” Paul Carmody, our SVP of Business Development & Product Management, discussed the pitfalls that could be encountered when navigating the road to the cloud.

What are they you ask?

  • MISTAKE #1: Leaping before you look – cloud is a means to an end. Ultimately you want happy end-users while at the same time meeting your security, compliance and performance requirements.
  • MISTAKE #2: Thinking you have found “the one” – your relationship with a cloud provider is not like a marriage. You may want to change providers later on. You should consider API’s, images and data needs and the ease to make changes.
  • MISTAKE #3: If it fits, it ships – don’t make the assumption that every cloud supports your most complex applications. How many layers do you need between tiers? Do you need specialized networking devices in the configuration?
  • MISTAKE #4: Believing tomorrow will be like today – cloud may be what you need today. But, it is very likely it will not be the only solution you will need down the road. Your business and application needs may require multiple IT Infrastructure services, including colocation, managed hosting or hybrid options combining multiple services.
  • MISTAKE #5: Not leveraging the full potential of the cloud – the cloud opens up endless possibilities. Make sure you take advantage of those. For example, are you optimizing your VMs for the cloud? Are you fully leveraging the on-demand aspect of the cloud to support the “bursty” parts of your application?

If you are interested in more details, you can watch the webinar recording.

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