Jan 17, 2012

Top Considerations When Choosing a Green Colocation Provider

Ansley Kilgore

We have all heard service providers profess that their facilities are “green,” but how do you know if they are acting on their green initiatives? Going green in the data center can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, but you need to know the right questions to ask to make sure your provider is doing their part. Here are some examples of things you will want to know to determine if you provider is truly green.

1) What practices are in place to conserve power?

The most significant consumer of energy in the data center is power. Ask what kind of rack management techniques the provider uses, if they use controlled lighting and if their UPS systems are running at optimal efficiency. These tactics will help conserve as much energy as possible and ensure a greener IT environment.

2) What practices are in place to make sure the facility is cooled properly and efficiently?

It’s impossible to talk about power consumption in the data center without talking about cooling. Raised floors, recycled water, close-coupled technology and temperature control all impact how much cooling and ultimately how much power the data center consumes.

3) Does the provider have any certifications such as LEED or Energy Star? Have they won any awards like the Green Globes?

Organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council certify data center buildings using the LEED system, while organizations like Green Building initiative and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency set standards for high efficiency using the Green Globe Awards and the Energy Star rating system.

While it is uncertain what will be the newest energy efficient design, it is certain that green will continue to be more than just a trend as long as energy costs and carbon emissions are on the rise. Discover more green best practices by downloading our eBook, Choosing a Green Colocation Provider

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