Jun 22, 2012



Fans everywhere take to Twitter as their common place to look at the latest trends, topics and see what’s going on with their favorite twitterers. So this afternoon when Twitter went down for over an hour it left users without a stream of trending information.

The twitter outage reportedly lasted from 11:59 a.m. EST Thursday and did not resume service until 1 p.m. Not even an hour later, Twitter had a secondary crash. This was the longest service interruption since October 7th, 2011.  Twitter has had several problems in the past, but had been on a good streak lately. The company used to display its famous “fail whale” error message, but today twitter users everywhere were disappointed to only receive a time out error – I’m guessing they were caught off guard and needed all hands on deck. Quite the outage.

Social media outlets have become a standard in today’s business world. Companies worldwide use it to prospect, promote, monitor and even answer customer support questions.  That is why when a site like this goes down…it’s an alert-the-media kind of deal.  A strong IP network is so important today.  Here at Internap offer several Website Performance Optimization technologies, allowing you to boost performance and increase revenue. In today’s economy, WPO solutions such as Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), are a must-have for any website or online application serving geographically dispersed end users.  Something I would surely want in my back pocket.

So next time Twitter’s down – be sure to check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest to engage with us. Oh and if you want some tips to keep your network up and running check out our CDN Buyers Guide.

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