Mar 20, 2012

Using WPO technologies to derive positive ROI


Using WPO technologies to derive positive ROIResearch by Aberdeen shows that best-in-class organizations are experiencing 99.8% availability of web applications, 273% improvement in application response times and the ability to prevent performance issues before end users are impacted 83% of the time. The question is how are they doing it? They are called Website Performance Optimization (WPO) technologies.

WPO technologies help organizations improve application performance during peak times and enhance their ability to support more site visitors. They include Intelligent Route Control, TCP Acceleration, WAN optimization, CDN services and more.

One example of a company who derived a positive ROI from deploying WPO solutions is Concurrent Computer Corporations. Concurrent is a global leader in Platform-as-a-Solution innovation that enables the seamless delivery, management and monetization of video on any screen. Leveraging WPO solutions, Concurrent was able to increase file transmission speeds by 400 kilobits per second, ultimately improving end-user experience.

Since WPO technologies are services in most cases, organizations like Concurrent are more likely to avoid an increase in the total footprint of their enterprise infrastructure allowing them to save money. Other benefits of WPO solutions include maximizing availability and minimizing performance issues for users, creating more repeat customers and increasing the bottom line.

Want to more about web performance optimization technologies? Read the full Concurrent case study now.


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