Sep 6, 2012

Video blog: IT Infrastructure for online gaming


From the age-old arcade favorites like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Pong to the lovable Nintendo Mario Brothers or the highly addictive World of Warcraft, the culture, technology and business of video games has slowly filtered down into your living room, your PC and even to your mobile phone. If you haven’t touched a joystick in a while, you might be in for a surprise. The technology, graphics and budget behind blockbuster game titles mimic those of their Hollywood counterparts — and that’s not all that has changed. The face of gamers has changed too, and it’s not just because their acne cleared up when they hit 35. Games like Farmville and Words with Friends have attracted more girl gamers than ever before. Gaming demographics have also expanded to include children and their parents playing games together — and it’s not happening at the family fun centers of the old arcade days. Today’s gaming is done online.

To keep up with this growing demand, online gaming companies must contend with latency, availability and high infrastructure costs. Taking your IT Infrastructure to the next level to deliver a consistent experience for finicky gamers requires coordination on all fronts — and not just hand-to-eye.  Our own Adam Weissmuller, director of product management for our managed hosting and cloud division, sat down to answer some of the tough questions. Check out what Adam had to say in our vblog about the challenges, optimal infrastructure designs and what to look for in an IT Infrastructure services provider.

Looking for an IT Infrastructure to support your worlds or realms? Check out the instant replay of our recent online gaming webinar, then be sure to read the “Online Gaming Industry Handbook.” for an in-depth look at this market today.

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