Feb 17, 2012

Video is changing everything: Content Delivery Network to the rescue


Video is changing everything: Content Delivery Network to the rescue“Video is changing everything,” according to a recent white paper written by Thomason Reuters, one of the world’s leading sources of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. In fact, in the time it takes you to read the eight-page white paper, Thomason Reuters says that roughly 240 hours of video will be uploaded to the Internet and approximately 11 million videos will be watched − unless of course you are a speed-reader.

I focus on content marketing and am constantly looking for the best way to get my message into the hands of my target audience and make sure it is a message that resonates. Forrester Research says, “Videos are definitely one of the strongest forms of media in our society today,” while Forbes Insights reports that two-thirds of executives would rather view a video than read a text document. So naturally video is definitely a medium I plan to utilize, and I imagine your marketing department is hot on the pulse of this rising trend.

The real news for IT executives, however, is that video is just getting started. Cisco predicts more than 90% of Internet traffic will be video-based by 2013. The challenge for IT professionals and marketers alike becomes how to support massive amounts of online video content while still maintaining an optimal website experience. Enter CDN.

With a CDN, or Content Delivery Network, your content is distributed across a network of servers that are placed in geographic proximity to users so content is delivered faster. Without a CDN, content resides on one main origin server and may travel long distances to get to the end user, ultimately delaying delivery and diminishing user experience.

One of the core functions of a CDN is to optimize media delivery, which involves the streaming of live events and pre-recorded video and audio content. A CDN provides content creators with a robust infrastructure solution for online media distribution, so even colossal amounts of content can be supported and viewed seamlessly.

How many videos is your marketing department planning on launching this year?

Download our CDN Buyer’s Guide for more information on how to choose a CDN for your business needs.

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