Feb 10, 2016

Cast your vote for OpenStack Summit Austin presentations

Ansley Kilgore

Openstack votingIt’s time once again for OpenStack community members to vote for the presentations they want to see at the OpenStack Summit in Austin on April 25-29, 2016. OpenStack voting ends on Feb 17, 2015, so hurry!

Click on the presentations below to cast your vote.

Bridging the Gap Between Bare-Metal and Virtual Server Functionalities

Speaker: Boris Deschenes, Cloud Architect, Internap
Now that bare-metal IaaS using Ironic is being delivered around the world, it’s time to add features to make these physical servers as usable as virtual machines. This session will discuss ways to make differences between bare-metal and virtual servers disappear and continue the work towards complete abstraction of machine type by Nova.

Private to Public Products – Service Provider Challenges with OpenStack

Speaker: Boris Deschenes, Cloud Architect, Internap
Taking the OpenStack platform initially designed for private cloud use and making it into a competitive platform for the public cloud market has some significant challenges, including: balancing the differing maturity levels of the various modules without redesigning; managing in-house systems and migrating them to the Openstack standard modules; and choosing a security deployment model that balances customer security and service provider security.

Privatestack: A New Way to Quickly Build and Deploy Stable Code Using Virtualized Production Environments

Speaker: Mathieu Mitchell, Senior Software Developer, Internap
TSharing a common development environment amongst multiple users can become tedious and inefficient for engineers as they work to build and deploy stable code. Particularly when engineering teams discover issues, much of their effort is invested in trying to stabilize the environment rather than developing new features. Our team at Internap decided to build and open source a better development environment, called Privatestack, and we can share what we’ve learned with the community.

Attending the OpenStack Summit in Austin? Stop by the Internap table in the exhibit hall and share your thoughts.

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