Aug 1, 2011

VoxCLOUD is now available in the Android market

Ansley Kilgore

VoxCLOUD for Android will allow you to…

  • Monitor the status of your devices
  • Perform health-checks on all of your servers
  • Provision VoxCLOUD / VoxSERVER devices
  • Delete VoxCLOUD / VoxSERVER devices
  • Check on access credentials
  • Store settings for quick provisioning of common server types

Get It Now!

The project source code for VoxCLOUD for Android is now available on GitHub. We have included non-activated future functionality in preparation for Voxel’s real-time device events messaging api which, when we “switch it on”, will push notifications about your Voxel servers directly to your Android devices. These push notifications combined with Android Intents will give you real-time insight into your Voxel infrastructure. Look for these features soon, in an upcoming update.

If you  are planning on customizing or contributing to the source, our API, hAPI, is totally abstracted in code.  This means that adding any API features from will take just minutes for VoxCLOUD. One thing to note, however.  With the mobile landscape changing so quickly, we have found that the VoxCLOUD Android app performs better on newer devices that are running the Tegra2 processor. And the Tegra3’s are already planned for year end release in both phones and tablets, talk about Moore’s Law times Two.

This application requires the Adobe Air runtime which is automatically installed with the app if it hasn’t already been installed before by some other application. This applications runs on the AVM – or the Actionscript Virtual Machine inside the JVM – Java Virtual Machine… I know it sounds like the plot from the movie “Inception” – but the reason we chose to use the Adobe Air API was because we already made our Desktop application with much of the same code source: VoxSTRUCTURE. We expect Adobe Air runtime to get more mature and this will help improve the app over time in areas of performance/memory usage.

Source available under GPL:

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