Feb 9, 2011

Voxel participates in world IPv6 day

Ansley Kilgore

I am pleased to announce our support for World IPv6 Day in the following press release.

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Cloud and Hybrid Hosting Provider Voxel Will Participate in World IPv6 Day on June 8, 2011


NEW YORK, NY[FEBRUARY 8, 2011] – Voxel, a leading provider of hybrid Internet infrastructure and cloud hosting solutions, announced today that it will participate in World IPv6 Day – a 24 hour “test flight” of IPv6 technology sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC). Voxel has invested significantly in developing IPv6 support across its entire product stack and is ahead of the curve in ensuring a successful transition for its customers.

“With the world now effectively out of new IPv4 address space, the v6 issue is front and center in the minds of our customers,” said Raj Dutt, Voxel’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We’re proud to be leading the industry in IPv6 support on our services and our participation in World IPv6 Day demonstrates our commitment to aggressively meet the delivery requirements of our customer base.”

“2011 is pivotal for IPv6 deployment and it is encouraging to see many different kinds of businesses looking to the opportunities for continued growth that IPv6 brings to the Internet,” added Leslie Daigle, the Internet Society’s Chief Internet Technology Officer.  “Companies like Voxel, who not only enable IPv6 for their own services, but also enable IPv6 for their customers, multiply the effect and accelerate progress towards a healthy future Internet.”

Voxel has been offering native IPv6 connectivity at no additional charge to its VoxCLOUD and VoxSERVER customers, as part of a Technology Preview, since October 2009. “Over the last year, our v6 preview has been hugely successful.  We’ve enabled dozens of customers and worked through many integration challenges,” said Adam Rothschild, Vice President of Network Architecture at Voxel. “We believe our overall IPv6 readiness is among the best in the hosting industry”

As part of Voxel’s commitment to ensuring smooth IPv6 interoperability for its customers, the company is participating in World IPv6 Day on June 8, 2011.  On that day, Voxel will join the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook, and publish IPv6 records for its public website, https://www.voxel.net, along with several of its high-profile content customers, including The Urban Dictionary (https://www.urbandictionary.com), FlightAware (https://www.flightaware.com), xkcd (https://www.xkcd.com), and DailyKos (https://www.dailykos.com).

“We’ve counted on Voxel for years to help power The Urban Dictionary, and be able to scale with us to millions of views per day while ensuring optimal user experience,” said Aaron Peckham, Owner of The Urban Dictionary. “We take a lot of comfort knowing Voxel is IPv6 ready and look forward to working with them to flip the switch in June.”

About Voxel Dot Net, Inc

Voxel (https://www.voxel.net) delivers high-performance Internet infrastructure that is scalable, fully-supported and cost-effective.  The company offers industry leading hosting services via VoxSTRUCTURE, its open automation platform, and its unique Universal Transfer bandwidth aggregation model.  Services include on-demand physical and virtual cloud servers, the VoxCAST Global Content Delivery Network (CDN), and a full suite of Managed Services for complex hosting deployments.  The Company is headquartered in New York City and maintains strategic global hosting and network points of presence across the globe.


About the Internet Society


The Internet Society (https://www.isoc.org/) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet-related standards, education and policy. It is dedicated to ensuring the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of people throughout the world. See www.internetsociety.org


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